Zeolla Marble Company, Inc. is a family owned and operated company that was established in 1987 by the John Zeolla, Sr. branch of the family. Family owned and operated is the best way to run a company, and as a testament to that statement, John Jr., Anthony, Mark, Rose, and John Sr. are still together after all these years.


Both our reputation and longevity in the business are proof of our abilities. Our work is displayed in most of the 50 states and countries around the globe.



The Zeolla family has been involved with commercial work for two generations. We do anything from the simple remodels to stone on or in the entire building.

Lobby flooring and reception counters
Column and Planters
Elevators and door surrounds
Pool decking and all exterior paving
We specialize in very high end residential work. Many of the top architects and designers dream of how to challenge us with new concepts or refining a traditional look and we make it work with stone. We engineer our product to best suit their needs while making it as durable for the consumer as possible. We do work from the most simple fireplace hearth and fascia to the most difficult moldings and recessed panels. No job is too small as we have spent 25 years building a reputation with our repea
Your one stop shopping. No kitchen or counter too small and no one can duplicate our incredible service and quality. We will measure and fabricate your kitchen within 10 days. We arrive at your home and demolish your existing kitchen and install the new counters in the same day and haul away all the trash. We have quality subcontractors that will follow us and reinstall your plumbing and electrical the next day if you don’t have someone yourself and then you are back in your kitchen the next day
Any type of flooring can be done. All natural materials or any synthetic. We purchase pre-cut tiles and pavers or custom design and cut to fit your project perfectly. For larger projects we can save the owner a substantial amount of money by cutting the stone overseas and shipping directly. Steps can be laminated with an edge detail or made from solid stock. Be creative, use an “etcher sketch” or a computer and design the most integral drawing and we will make if for you. If the budget doesn’t a
We are the pioneers of building furniture out of stone. From desks with stone drawers that open and close to the simple coffee table, you draw it and we will engineer and make it.

Coffee Tables
Table bases rectangular or shaped Dining Tables
Breakfast Tables
Statue Bases
End Tables
Patio Tables
Custom Sinks
We brought a whole different concept to kitchens, baths and bars with the addition of perfecting laminated sinks and roman tubs. The designs and styles are endless from rectangles to farm house styles. We also carve sinks and tubs out of solid blocks which can be done locally or overseas.

Farm House solid
Farm House laminated
Apron style
Tubs with floating floors
Laminated Tubs
Solid Carved Tubs
Whether it is a solid block or ¾” slabs, we can make round or square columns. Any style or shape all different materials. We make columns that light up or columns that are also a waterfall, use your imagination.

Plinth and Capitols- carved or tooled
Shafts- laminated or carved from solid stock
Square, Tapered or round columns
Waterfall Columns
Lighted Capitols
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